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Friday, Feb 12, 2016

Is Bernie really lefter than Hillary? Why does Hillary treat Bernie as if he’s a bug? Are we in the middle of a new financial meltdown? And, The Happiness Hour.

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Krauthammer: Do You Believe in Magic?

Friday, Feb 12, 2016

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Kasparov – Winter Is Coming

Thursday, Feb 11, 2016
Kasparov – Winter Is Coming

Dennis talks to Gary Kasparov, the number one ranked chess player in the world for twenty years.  In 2005, he retired from professional chess to lead the pro-democracy opposition against Vladimir Putin, from street protests to coalition building. In 2012, he was named chairman of the Human Rights Foundation, succeeding Václav Havel. His new book, now out in paperback is, Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped.

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You Don’t Know What Obama Said at the Mosque

Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016

If you seek to understand Barack Obama and his views, the best place to go is his speeches. But you have to read them in their entirety, not rely on hearing them or on the media’s summary of them. When you do, you realize how often what Obama says is morally and intellectually confused and even untrue. The most recent example was his speech last week at a mosque in Baltimore. In addition to reassuring Muslim Americans that they are as American as Americans of every other faith — – a point that any president, Republican or Democrat, would and should make – President Obama spoke...

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