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Allen's Honey Journal

Honey Journal — Entry 6

Wednesday, Dec 5, 2007

Honey Journal — Entry 6 Name: Rare Hawaiian Organic Winter Honey Buy it: At fine food groceries or here. Country: Hawaii, USA Purchased: November 2007 Color: Light butter scotch. Flavor: Rich, creamy butter scotch with a suggestion of banana and pineapple. Want to know what Hawaii tastes like? Dip into this ambrosia. Consistency: As dense as Kiwi shoe polish (I’m describing the texture, not the taste!) and smooth. You peel it rather than scoop it out of the jar....

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Honey Journal #3

Monday, Oct 22, 2007

Honey Journal — Entry 3 Name: Honey Pacifica Creamy Wildflower (Cold-packed) You can buy it here: They say they have some very Ritzy customers. I believe them. This outfit makes a quality product. Origin: Long Beach, California, USA Purchased: June 2007 Color: Vanilla candle Flavor: New York cheesecake with a generous dash of vanilla. Very sweet. Slight Play-Doh aftertaste. (Of course, you would have had to have eaten Play-Doh to know what I’m talking about. I...

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Honey Journal #2

Saturday, Oct 13, 2007

10/12/07 Honey Journal — Entry 2 Name: Natura Prime UMF 16 Manuka Honey. You can buy it here. Country: New Zealand Purchased: April 2007 Color: Rich, dark brown Flavor: Not sweet by honey standards. Tastes of raisins. Also has medicine-like tinge, not surprising given its purported anti-bacterial qualities. Has a grainy texture. Consistency: Thick. You can turn the spoon upside down. It’s not going anywhere. Fragrance: Like a fresh box of raisins and dried...

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