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New PragerU Video! What’s Wrong with Government-Run Healthcare?

Do we want the government to run our healthcare system? Before making such a momentous decision it would be a good idea to consider the costs, not only in raw dollars, but in other ways as well. That’s exactly what Stanford policy expert Lanhee Chen does in this video from Prager University. See it here. 

Left Wing Rot: Major Historian Sees Nazis Roots in Trump and Republicans

Dennis once had respect for this scholar of the Holocaust. No longer. For a man who has studied the Holocaust, he reveals a profound historical ignorance. He destroys his own credibility by comparing Trump, McConnell and Republicans to Nazi collaborators. Leftism destroys and distorts everything it touches, even its own historians.

New PragerU Video! Goodbye, Columbus Day

Even though it remains a national holiday, many cities no longer celebrate Columbus Day. They celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead. What’s behind the switch? Contrary to what you might think, it’s not about paying homage to America’s original inhabitants; it’s about teaching young Americans to despise Western Civilization. Steven Crowder, host of Louder with Crowder, […]

Henninger: It’s High Noon

Time for the Senate and then shortly thereafter for the American people to decide what kind of country ($) they want to live in.

Bret Stephens: I’m Grateful for Trump Now

Stephens has been a leading Never Trumper. He left the Wall Street Journal over it. And now he does a gutsy thing: he praises the President in light of the Kavanaugh fiasco.


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