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The future is Muslim, European or American

The world’s future is being decided at this time. Such moments are extremely rare in history. And when they have occurred, they have between two, not three, competing ideologies. But there are now three ideologies competing to shape the future of mankind. They are militant Islam, Western European secularism and socialism, and American Judeo-Christianity and […]


When have millions of Europeans ever been wrong?

With millions of Europeans demonstrating against America, many Americans, raised to regard Europe as an ally, must be wondering what is happening. Some Americans even may be wondering if Europe may be right: after all, when have millions of Europeans ever been wrong? It is therefore essential that Americans understand the nature of the rift […]

Don’t waste your money on an expensive college

Never have so many paid so much to so few for so little. I refer here, of course, to American families’ expenditures on college education. But there is good news. A recent article in The New York Times about the mountain of education debt owed by college graduates — an average of $27,600 — reports […]

What the world would like the President to say

My fellow Americans: After consulting with our loyal allies in Europe, speaking with United Nations officials, reading major American newspapers, listening to National Public Radio, consulting with Hollywood movie stars, and meeting with professors from our universities, I have changed my mind. They are right. I now realize that the most important goal America and […]

Why Jews and blacks vote Democratic: Part II

In Part I, I argued that it is not Democratic positions that most entice nearly all blacks and the great majority of Jews to vote Democrat. Rather this lopsided voting is more a function of the two groups’ respective memories. As a result of millennia of Christian oppression of them, many Jews still fear religion, […]

Why jews and blacks vote democrat: part I

The odds are that you have wondered at one time or another why the great majority of Jews and nearly all blacks vote Democrat. There are, after all, no other ethnic or racial groups that so overwhelmingly and consistently vote either Republican or Democrat. Moreover, given Jewish values and given blacks’ views on a host […]

Why the Arab world hates America

Why is America hated in the Arab world? According to leftists and to Arab and Islamic spokesmen, the reasons are: American support for non-democratic regimes in the Arab world — such as in Egypt and Saudi Arabia — and because America supports Israel. Before positing what I believe to be the reasons, let’s answer these […]

Conservatives may have talk radio…

The New York Times just published one of its most revealing articles in memory: “Outflanked Democrats Wonder How to Catch Up in Media Wars.” Apparently, the Democratic Party is gravely concerned that its liberal message is not being heard. And the reason Democrats give is that conservatives dominate talk radio, Fox News, and the editorial […]

If you believe that people are basically good

No issue has a greater influence on determining your social and political views than whether you view human nature as basically good or not. In 20 years as a radio talk show host, I have dialogued with thousands of people, of both sexes and from virtually every religious, ethnic and national background. Very early on, […]

In Defense of Santa Claus

Every year, during Christmas week on my radio show, I devote an hour to defending Santa Claus. It may seem odd that I have to, but many parents in homes that celebrate Christmas have misgivings about allowing their children to believe in Santa. Their arguments against Santa go as follows: 1. Christian children should be […]


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