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The legal system is now our enemy

Tue, Jun 3, 2003

I was raised to believe that law is the glory of decent society; that the rule of law is the sine qua non of civilization; that international law is the greatest protector of human rights; that lawyers should be coupled with doctors as an elite profession to which a young person can aspire; that making laws is the great work of legislatures; that...

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Monkeys and atheists

Tue, May 27, 2003

Thomas Huxley (“Darwin’s bulldog”) is said to have come up with the most famous defense of the atheist belief that life was created by chance, not God. In a debate at Oxford, he is reported to have stated that if enough monkeys randomly pressed typewriter keys for a long enough time, sooner or later Psalm 23 would emerge. Not...

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Women pretending to be men

Tue, May 20, 2003

With great enthusiasm, USA Today featured a front-page article in its “Life Section” on the allegedly booming industry of “bachelorette” parties. Mirroring bachelor parties, these parties feature male hunks stripping and performing lap dances on the bride-to-be and some of her friends. The article was accompanied by a...

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My week at Stanford

Tue, May 13, 2003

I spent last week at college. And not just any college. Stanford University. And this is what I thought. If you wish to learn facts, the university can be a great place. If you wish to study the natural sciences, the university is a great place. But if you want to acquire wisdom or to become a mature adult, the university is usually an...

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Burn families, barbecue chickens

Tue, May 6, 2003

It is of utmost importance to understand the roots of the latest project of the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), “The Holocaust on your plate,” a campaign that morally equates killing chickens with the Holocaust. When you do, you will also understand the roots of the moral chaos of our age. How does a...

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Homosexuality: An attempt at clarity

Tue, Apr 29, 2003

The homosexual is equal in God’s eyes to the heterosexual. Parents must love their children, including the child who is homosexual. At the same time, a homosexual child must understand a loving parent’s sadness over his or her inability to sexually love a person of the opposite sex. Society has the right and obligation to prefer...

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Much talent, little wisdom

Tue, Apr 22, 2003

The first thing you have to do when hearing Hollywood stars make foolish comments is to avoid being surprised. As a rule, over the last few centuries, artists have been more likely to be morally confused than members of almost any other profession (except academia). Many, perhaps most, great artists are geniuses in one area and underdeveloped...

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America the good

Tue, Apr 15, 2003

President George W. Bush often speaks about the “goodness” of America and about the “evil” of various world tyrannies. Is this language meaningful — or is it, as many critics both at home and abroad contend, empty and sanctimonious rhetoric? A strong case can be made that the very fact that an American president...

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Dear Germany: Have you learned anything?

Tue, Apr 8, 2003

I grew up, as many Americans and nearly all Jews did, with a deep anger at your country. But as a young man, I began to rethink my views of Germans. Against the wishes of almost everyone I knew — most of whom would not even buy a German product — I decided to go to Germany. My visit in 1968, at the age of 20, was the first of at least...

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Saddam offered professorship at U.S. college

Tue, Apr 1, 2003

“At Wednesday night’s ‘teach-in’ on the Columbia campus, (anthropology professor) Nicholas De Genova also called for the defeat of U.S. forces in Iraq and said, ‘The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military.’ And he asserted that Americans who call themselves...

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