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Is God enough?

Wed, Sep 18, 2002

We need God. But we also need more than God. Before dismissing this as some heretical statement, the reader should know that I have spent much of my life — in speeches, articles, books, and on my radio show — making the case for faith in God. I am deeply religious and have a traditional theology rooted in the Bible. I have been...

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A better America

Wed, Sep 11, 2002

It goes without saying that the Islamic terror attack on America on September 11, 2001, was an act of pure evil; that for those who suffered and died it was an unspeakable horror; that nothing will ever compensate their loved ones for their loss; and that the date will forever live in infamy in American memory. At the same time, without...

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What I learned at the Metrodome

Wed, Sep 4, 2002

Broadcasting from the Minneapolis affiliate of my radio show last week, I was treated to a Minnesota Twins game. Having become accustomed to baseball games at home in Los Angeles, I observed many differences at the Metrodome. Among them was an absence of foul language from the fans — I felt I had taken a time machine to the 1950s, so...

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UNC is confused about 9-11

Wed, Aug 28, 2002

Moral and intellectual confusion has become the norm at our universities, with the most recent example coming from the University of North Carolina. In order to equip incoming freshmen with a better understanding of the Islamic terror attack of 9-11, the chancellor of the university has assigned as required summer reading a book containing the...

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Let them eat peanuts

Wed, Aug 21, 2002

The principal of the Nickajack Elementary School outside Atlanta recently decreed that no student would be permitted to bring peanuts or peanut butter to school. She is not alone. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, schools in “at least nine states” now ban peanuts and peanut butter. The reason? A few students are highly...

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How the nuclear family became controversial

Wed, Aug 14, 2002

This past year, Los Angeles Family Magazine asked me to write an article making the case for the two-parent family. That a mainstream (SET ITAL) family magazine would commission such an article is quite a sign of our times. How has this happened? How has the nuclear family become controversial? It has happened because many groups and...

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Every generation is tested by great evil

Wed, Aug 7, 2002

It would appear that every generation confronts a major moral test. A great evil presents itself as a good, and the world that is not victimized by that evil is tested: Can it recognize the evil and confront it? The pattern is eerily and depressingly repetitive. 1. The evil takes hold. 2. The evil has myriad defenders even among otherwise decent...

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Those who curse the Jews and those who bless them

Wed, Jul 31, 2002

In 1973, during the Arab embargo on oil exports that followed the Yom Kippur War between Israel and Egypt, many Americans had to deal with embargo-induced hour-long lines at gas stations, gas rationing, and various setbacks to the economy. As a result, some called for our abandonment of Israel for the sake of oil. Those voices were not heard among...

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Children should talk to strangers

Wed, Jul 24, 2002

In the past week, we have all suffered through yet another abduction and murder of a child. It is difficult to imagine anyone whose heart does not break when thinking about the pain experienced by these children and their parents. Indeed, there is so much heartbreak and pain that many parents are in a virtual state of panic. They, and now schools,...

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Why my son’s best friend is black

Wed, Jul 17, 2002

My 9-year-old son’s best friend is black. This should hardly be worth writing a column about, let alone require an explanation. Unfortunately, however, it does demand such attention. Given the numbers of blacks and whites in the American population, such friendships are not nearly as common as they ought to be. Observing these two...

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