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Global Warming File

Global Warming Alert! Oceans Currents May Change in 300 Years

Thursday, Jan 5, 2017

According to new modeling. Written in the usual end of the world way, but this report unintentionally makes a farce of climate modeling. Don’t miss the last paragraph.

Those Scientists Who Have Doubts about Global Warming Might Emerge from Shadows

Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017

A lot easier in the age of Trump.

CA New Green Laws Will Have a Negative Impact on the State

Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016

How did this get past the the LA Times editors? This is a news story. Who will pay the biggest price for all these useless laws — the middle class, farmers, and factory workers. But, hey, it will be worth it because we’ll have more city bike paths.


Is Global Warming about to Come to a Screeching Halt?

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016

NASA data suggests yes.

No More Babies; They Produce Global Warming

Monday, Aug 22, 2016

They grow up and become carbon abusers. So, according a philosophy professor at a prestigious university, we shouldn’t have them any more. 

US Carbon Emissions Down Significantly. Why? Fracking

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Why are Bernie and Hillary so opposed to fracking? It’s great for the environment. Even the EPA calls it safe. 

Lomborg: Paris Climate Agreement Does More Harm than Good at Cost of Trillions

Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016

That’s worth it, right? Spend trillions to get nothing but more poverty and suffering in return. 

The Planet Is Greening

Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016

There are positive effects to more CO2 in the atmosphere just as Patrick Moore says in his PragerU video — The Truth about CO2. But in typical Global Warming Alarmism fashion whatever is good news, must really be bad news. Still, even the BBC is having a hard time squaring this one.

Alex Epstein, Energy Expert, on PragerU

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2015

Alex Epstein is the Founder and President of the Center for Industrial Progress. His indispensable book on energy is The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. He has new series how to talk to about energy available at

His two PragerU courses are here and here.

Record Snow Cover for N America for This Time of Year

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2015

Should help out the Pacific Coast drought. Somebody should share the news with the global warming crowd in Paris.

Delingpole: 12 Reasons Why Paris Conference Is a Farce

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015

Climate Change/Global Warming hysteria only has vague connection with reality. Delingpole is one of the sharpest minds around, call him a UK version of Jonah Goldberg. You can follow him on Facebook here.

Global Warming: Not a Problem for Quite a While

Monday, Nov 30, 2015

Here’s a take that’s gathering some traction.


One More Examination of the 97% Fraud

Thursday, Nov 26, 2015

That people on the Left from the President on down assert this “97% of scientists” line as if it came from Sinai is a scandal in and of itself.

Another Breakdown of the 97% of Scientists Fraud

Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015

This article runs through ($) all the various claims. Here’s a survey you’ve probably never heard of: “Surveys of meteorologists repeatedly find a majority oppose the alleged consensus. Only 39.5% of 1,854 American Meteorological Society members who responded to a survey in 2012 said man-made global warming is dangerous.”

The 97% of Scientists Fraud

Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015

Tunnel into this, as the author does, and you’ll see what a piece of shameful hocus pocus it is.

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