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Global Warming File

Kerry to Grads: End of the World Is at Hand

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And only the Democrats can save us. (He’s not embarrassed to say this stuff?)


This Is What Happens When You Buck Global Warming Orthodoxy

Friday, May 16, 2014

Even when you’re one of the leading climate scientists in the world. Here’s more



Another Leftist Sees the Red Behind the Green

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Left wants to deny Africa the energy($) it needs to grow.



Kids and Parents Anxious about Global Warming

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Greens have done a real job on kids. Congratulations. Doom and gloom! Doom and gloom!

Famous Environmentalist: Environmentalism Has Become a Relgion

Monday, Mar 31, 2014

It’s all about faith


IPCC: Maybe Global Warming Won’t Lead to Mass Extinctions

Friday, Mar 28, 2014

All previous reports said it would


Greenpeace: Santa Cancelling Christmas

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013

Ice is melting in the Arctic. We must all act now to save it. Twisted.

Coldest Day Ever

Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013

How cold is -135? More proof of Global Warming!

Fear of Nuclear Radiation Fallout Vastly Overblown

Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013

Surprising that they published this in the NYT. Maybe editors figure no one will read it or if they do read it they will just shrug it off and go on believing their fear-based nonsense. I wonder what would Angela Merkel say to this? She has banned nuclear energy for an entire country.

LAT Letters Editor: I Won’t Publish Letters Expressing Skepticism about Global Warming

Wednesday, Oct 9, 2013

Man-made catastrophic global warming is a fact as in the earth is round is a fact. So, how could I possibly publish a letter doubting it?

Lindzen: IPCC Report “Hilariously Inept”

Monday, Sep 30, 2013

The IPCC is more sure than ever that man is responsible for global warming, but admit that their computer models, on which all their predictions are based, are seriously flawed.

Germany Chokes on Its No Nuclear Energy Policy

Friday, Sep 20, 2013

Ironically, their carbon emissions have gone up. So, they’ve lost on every account.

Lomborg: Global Warming Not a Problem

Monday, Sep 16, 2013

He still believes it may be happening, but he certainly doesn’t sound worried about it. In fact, on balance, it’s likely to be a good thing.

Arctic Ice Expanding at Rapid Rate

Monday, Sep 9, 2013

Here comes global cooling. Don’t miss the quote at the end of the article.

Over a 1000 New Record Temps Recorded in July

Friday, Aug 2, 2013

Maybe we’re entering a new ice age.

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