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Honey Journal #14

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Name: Grandpa Yoders Pure Honey

You can buy it here: Sparta, Tennessee which is about half way between Nashville and Knoxville. It’s not available at a gourmet food store or over the Internet. You have to go to Tennessee to find it. I know it’s a long way for a jar of honey, but, doesn’t a trip to Tennessee sound like fun?

Sparta is a small town of 5,000, justly proud of its bluegrass musical tradition. You thought I was kidding about going to Tennessee? Wait til you visit the town’s website, one of the best city websites I’ve seen. For a town this size this site is truly impressive. GrandpaYoders.jpg Grandpa Yoders Pure Honey picture by allen1844

Country: USA

Purchased: June, 2008

Color: Light amber

Flavor: Marshmallow cream

Consistency: Thick

Fragrance: Wild flowers with a hint of clover.

Notes: I’ve written about honeys from exotic places like Papua New Guinea and Zambia. I get a big kick out of travelling the world on a spoonful of liquid gold. But I also enjoy plain, old fashioned pure American honey, too, and you can’t get more red, white and blue than Grandpa Yoder.

It has a sweet, sunshine taste that makes you smile the moment you taste it. You can almost sense its southern accent as it glides easily down your throat.

I received this jar as a gift from Sean McConnell’s mom. Sean McConnell is our new technical director which means he engineers the show and is responsible for all things sound related. Sean is a big guy with dense, wavy red hair and the map of Scotland written over his face. He has an easy laugh and impish sense of humor. Most of the goofy sound bits you hear popping up during the show are his doing.

He’s a great new addition to the Prager team and this honey, picked up by his mom on a road side stand in the middle of the Volunteer State, is a great addition to my honey collection.


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