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Honey Journal #18

Thursday, Nov 13, 2008

Honey Journal Entry #18

Name: Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey

You can buy it: On the Internet here.

Country: USA

SavannahBeeC.jpg Savannah Bee Tupelo C1 image by allen1844

Purchased: May 2008

Color: Sunrise gold

Flavor: Rich and creamy with a pleasant lavender flavor.

Consistency: Medium.

Fragrance: Very mild with a suggestion of cotton candy.

Notes: One honey world’s most famous and prized productions, Tupelo honey can only be harvested for a few weeks in April and May, mostly in the river basins of Southern Georgia and Northern Florida. Since the Tupelo tree’s white blossoms burst open for only a brief period, the bees and their keepers have their work cut out for them. Bad weather or an early frost can compromise the crop, so it’s a tense time, too. But there’s a big payoff – a smooth, picture-book golden honey with a distinct lavender flavor that, because of certain unique chemical properties, never crystallizes.

Something else about this honey that’s different. Normally honey is 60 calories per tablespoon. This one is 45.

Van Morrison, who I have mentioned before in these pages, produced a famous rock album, “Tupelo Honey,” in the early seventies. “She’s as sweet as Tupelo honey” is one of the lyrics of the title song. If so, she was very sweet.

There’s another famous association with the name Tupelo, but it has nothing to do with honey. Tupelo, Mississippi is the birthplace of Elvis Presley.

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