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Honey Journal #23

Sunday, Apr 26, 2009

Honey Journal #23

Name: Big Island Bees Organic Hawaiian Honey: Wilelaiki Blossom

You can buy it: At Whole Foods or on the Internet here.

Country: Hawaii, USA

Purchased: December, 2008

Color: Lemon curd

Flavor: Distinct taste of brown sugar with a malt finish.

Consistency: Thick and grainy

Fragrance: Lemony
BigIslandBeeA.jpg Big Island Bee picture by allen1844

Notes: I have written about more honey from Hawaii than from any other place. I’m beginning to form the opinion that it’s the center of the honey universe. The reason may be that they take their honey very seriously there. A lot of people are involved in trade; they take great care and pride in their bees; and they focus on mono floral honeys.

This one from the Wilelaiki flower, the Hawaiian name for the Christmas Berry Tree, with its unusual lemon curd color grabbed my attention the moment I saw it. I wasn’t expecting the brown sugar taste, but the surprise could not have been more pleasant. The reason for this is easily explained — I love brown sugar. As I kid, I would seek out my mom’s supply and scoop out a teaspoon whenever I thought the coast was clear.

I have to believe, without having any data to support it, that this honey is healthier than brown sugar. For one thing, it’s not refined. Try mixing it in your oatmeal. Or forget about the oatmeal and just take it straight, always my preferred method.

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