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Honey Journal #3

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Honey Journal — Entry 3

Name: Honey Pacifica Creamy Wildflower (Cold-packed)

You can buy it here:

They say they have some very Ritzy customers. I believe them. This outfit makes a quality product.

Origin: Long Beach, California, USA

Purchased: June 2007

Color: Vanilla candle

Flavor: New York cheesecake with a generous dash of vanilla. Very sweet. Slight Play-Doh aftertaste. (Of course, you would have had to have eaten Play-Doh to know what I’m talking about. I ate a lot and enjoyed every scrap.)

Consistency: Thick and creamy. This is a spreadable honey. You can apply it to any method of conveyance – bread, cracker, etc – without having to worry about it running off the side.

Here’s a recipe! Spread toast with chunky peanut butter then apply a healthy dollop, say a full teaspoon, of this honey. For a fast, filling and healthy breakfast or lunch, it can’t be beat. I have it a few times a week.

Fragrance: Close your eyes and you can smell the wildflowers on a wet field just after a rainstorm.

Notes: Susie and I buy this honey at the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Hollywood. If you haven’t been to a Farmer’s Market, you should really go out and experience one. Not only are they fun, but you can buy fabulous, fresh produce right from the farms that grow them. Today for example we bought some fuyu persimmons, figs, blueberries, peaches (the very last of the season), apples, and some absolutely delicious green plums.


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