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Honey Journal #7

Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007

Honey Journal – Entry 7

Name: Eucalipto

You can buy it here: Whole Foods or on the Internet here.

Country: Italy

Purchased: December 2007

Color: Caramel

Flavor: Fresh, slightly tart lemon with a cool eucalyptus follow through.

Consistency: Thick. Like dipping into a rich batch of caramel. The spoon won’t sink into the jar. You have to push it in to scoop out the honey.

Fragrance: Lemony.

Notes: This honey is harvested on the plains of Maremma, a region of Tuscany, Italy. I’ve never been there, but this honey makes me want to go. My first order of business would be to give my regards to the master beekeeper, Giuseppe Follino, who is responsible for a variety of honeys that I plan to sample in the future.

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