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A Jew defends the cross

…anging.” Given the relationship between changing the past and totalitarianism, those who love liberty ought to be frightened by the ACLU and the Board of Supervisors. Second, I fear…

The Democrats’ Preoccupation with Inequality

…SIS: 4 Terror/ists/ism: 2 Defense: 2 Military (excluding Jim Webb): 1 Freedom: 1 Debt (national): 0 Liberty: 0 Strength: 0 Armed forces: 0 Islamist/Islamic: 0 Material inequality is the predominant…

Democrats’ Policies Based on Dogma, Hopes, Dreams, not Reality

…man beings, I am in awe of what I already see — the unique American achievement of affluence, liberty, decency, opportunity and medical innovations. And I see this all being squandered for the…

Why President Obama Was Awarded the Nobel Prize

…population has had better values than America, that it has made societies that are more open, free, and tolerant than American society, and that it has fought for others’ liberty more than…

Obama and Dalai Lama: Why Israel Worries about U.S. President

…small countries. (One assumes that the Taiwanese are equally worried; and the Iranian fighters for liberty have come close to giving up on Obama’s America.) The line between selling out…

The Left May Well Get Trump Nominated

…of it by the other GOP candidates to wound Trump rather than label the left as the mortal threat to liberty that it is may clinch Trump’s nomination. And if the left continues to violently…

Liberal feeling vs. Judeo-Christian values: Part VI

…ir lives to vote? It’s George W. Bush’s motives that liberals care about, not spreading liberty in the Arab world. Elevating motives above results is a significant part of liberalism….


…erman was right; “war is hell.” But Thomas Jefferson was also right; “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” My…

Why Democrats will smear any conservative court nominee

…nd apathy toward the poor. And conservative support for the war in Iraq cannot emanate from love of liberty and a moral desire to destroy Islamic totalitarians, but rather from love of oil,…

NAACP Confirms Election of a Black President Made No Difference

…Apparently, these Africans did not believe the lie about America’s racism. They came here for liberty and opportunity and got both. When it came to the likely consequences of the election of a…

Why Left Talks about “White” Tea Parties

…failed to communicate America’s distinct values — E Pluribus Unum, In God We Trust, and Liberty (which includes small government) — to blacks and Hispanics. Unfortunately, however,…

The Left Squashes Life’s Little Pleasures

…icans, the car is not only a source of much pleasure, it is also rightly identified with individual liberty. But here, too, to the extent the Left is able to, it will tell you what kind of car you…

“Tolerance” Now Means Government-Coerced Celebration

…e is an exaggeration, read the book. Or just watch what liberals are doing to those who oppose same-sex marriage. In the name of tolerance, the left is eroding liberty in America….


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