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The Most Dangerous Addiction of Them All: Entitlements

All addictions — whether to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex or cigarettes — are very hard to escape. There is one addiction, however, that may be more difficult than any other to escape, in part because it is not even regarded as an addiction. It is entitlements addiction, the addiction to getting something for nothing. One indication as to the power of entitlements addiction is the fact that while great numbers of people have voluntarily given up drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. — almost always at great pain — few give up an addiction to entitlements. For the majority of...

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Brog – Reclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace

Dennis talks to David Brog, Executive Director of the Maccabee Task Force. His new book is Reclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace.

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