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Prager Voter Guide for Those Who Live in California

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Californians, here’s how Dennis is going to vote, and why.

PresidentDonald Trump. Of course Hillary is going to get all of CA’s electoral votes. But the national popular vote total still matters! If Trump wins the popular vote or comes close, even if he loses the Electoral College vote, Hillary will not be able to say she has a mandate.

US SenatorLoretta Sanchez. Both candidates are Democrats. Both candidates are objectionable, to say the least. Sanchez is simply less objectionable than Kamala Harris.


51 – Schools Bonds – NO. More money (borrowed, with interest) won’t fix the problem.

52 – Medi-Cal Fee Program – YES. Very complicated, but yes vote will ensure Feds continue to share in cost of medical care for illegal immigrants (which they allow in) and other non-payers who overtax our health care facilities.

53 – Voter approval for large bond offerings – YES. Sacramento needs as much supervision as possible.

54 – Legislation Transparency – YES. Contrary to Nancy Pelosi’s recommendation on ObamaCare, give the people a chance to find out what is in bills the legislature wants to pass before our lawmakers vote.

55 – Tax Extension – NO. More money for politicians to waste.

56 – Cigarette Tax – NO. More money for politicians to waste.

57 – Criminal Sentences and Parole – NO. Not interested in coddling criminals or releasing them from prison early.

58 – Multilingual Education – NO. Terrible idea. We voted this failed practice out in the ‘90s with Prop. 227. This would put it back in place.

59 – Political Spending – NO. It’s called free speech.

60 – Condoms for Adult Movie “Actors” – NO. They’re adults, and they have chosen to work in an adult industry where they know their risks. Let them make their own decisions.

61 – Pricing on Prescription Drugs – NO. More government meddling will only raise costs.

62 – Repeal Death Penalty – NO. We should strengthen the death penalty.

63 – Register and Undergo a Background Check to Buy Ammo – NO. We don’t need more gun control. All this measure will do is make ammunition sales/purchases hard and more costly for lawful dealers/gun owners while creating a black market in ammo for those who can’t pass a background check. It won’t stop a single criminal from getting bullets.

64 – Legalize Marijuana – NO. Dangerous in every respect. States like Colorado and Oregon where recreational use has been made legal are seeing big problems.

65 and 67  — Proceeds from Grocery Bag Sales – This is very confusing, but here’s how it seems to work out best: NO on 65 and YES on 67.  67 leaves paper bag fees with retailers who are forced to buy them. 65 hands those fees over to environmental groups. We don’t want that. We want to keep the money out of the hands of leftist environmentalists.

66 – Shorten time for Death Penalty Appeals Process – YES. Long overdue.




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