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Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018

The Boston Globe is organizing a “mass editorial” against the President. Nobody thinks higher of themselves than the mainstream media. There is no attack on the freedom of the press. There is an attack on the press, not on freedom of the press. Big difference… A professor at Drake writes a typical leftist piece about racist America… Dennis talks to Lauren Black, a junior at U. of AZ and PragerForce member.

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We all want fulfilling relationships. Renowned relationship expert Alison Armstrong isolates two key components and what stops us from getting them.

The post Prager 20180815 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Alison Armstrong – Two Key Needs appeared first on Pragertopia.

Vermont Democrats nominated a transgender woman for governor. She's a garden-variety leftist. That's what matters. If she was a conservative, conservatives would support her. Values are the issue, not skin color or gender.

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Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018

Dennis returns to a basic UI theme. If you believe people are basically good, you have a naive view of human nature. That can be dangerous. The religious view is that people are not basically good. That's why we need values.

The post Prager 20180814 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Are People Basically Good? appeared first on Pragertopia.

Socialism is getting ever more popular in the US, especially among young people… Dennis talks to John Gilley, Dallas home builder and PragerU donor… Leftist Minnesota congressman, Keith Ellison, is accused of domestic abuse. His girlfriend is a Leftist who marshals all the Leftist arguments against him.

The post Prager 20180814 – 2 Socialism Rising appeared first on Pragertopia.

Omarosa has zero credibility. But the media is treating her like a movie star. Why? Because she's turned against her mentor… Dennis talks to Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation.

The post Prager 20180814 – 1 Completely Fabricated appeared first on Pragertopia.

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Monday, Aug 13, 2018

Dennis talks to George Friedman, founder and president of Geopolitical Futures, a private intelligence service. Topics include: the US's position in the world; Turkey; Iran; Russia, China.

The post Prager 20180813 – 3 Geopolitical Futures appeared first on Pragertopia.

Remember the “new normal,” no more robust growth, we just limp along? That's all changed, but the media can't give the President credit… Are we uncivilized because we still have capital punishment?

The post Prager 20180813 – 2 New Prosperity appeared first on Pragertopia.

A Seattle man flies a Horizon Airlines plane into island – suicide by plane. No one was killed aside from “the pilot.” But what if he had been a terrorist?… Charlottesville has taken a mythic status for the Left and the media. But it's based on a lie – just like “Ferguson.”

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Friday, Aug 10, 2018

Open Lines 11:30 Anthony Bartosiewicz, Prager Force Student. Wheaton North High School, Wheaton, IL

The post Prager 20180810 – 3 appeared first on Pragertopia.

Happiness Hour

The post Prager 20180810 – 2 appeared first on Pragertopia.

The post Prager 20180810 – 1 appeared first on Pragertopia.

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Thursday, Aug 9, 2018

Robert Spencer's latest book is: The History of Jihad. He joins Dennis to discuss for the hour.

The post Prager 20180809 – 3 The History of Jihad appeared first on Pragertopia.

Dennis asks do you want healthcare to become a governmental entity… it never goes well in the long run, and now there are doctors advocating for single payer.

The post Prager 20180809 – 2 Government Food appeared first on Pragertopia.

On a recent visit to Chipotle, Dennis and his wife realized that there were no salt shakers out on the tables. Reason: people steal them. Are people more or less honest these days? Callers weigh in.

The post Prager 20180809 – 1 Shaker Takers appeared first on Pragertopia.

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Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018

President Trump has been labeled a racist for calling black people stupid, but he has a history of calling people stupid, from all races. Callers weigh in.

The post Prager 20180808 – 3 Stupid Racist appeared first on Pragertopia.

Allie Stuckey is the host of this week's Prager U video: Make Men Masculine Again, she joins Dennis to discuss the trend away from traditional masculinity.

The post Prager 20180808 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Masculine Men appeared first on Pragertopia.

Dennis addresses the midterm elections, and the low turnout for Republicans. He is also joined by Julian Morris, Senior Fellow at the Reason Foundation, to discuss the recent CA wild fires, and why they are worse because of environmentalist interference.

The post Prager 20180808 – 1 Freedom Scorched appeared first on Pragertopia.

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Tuesday, Aug 7, 2018

What is the difference between sin and evil? Drawing a distinction is critical.

The post Prager 20180807 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Sin versus Evil appeared first on Pragertopia.

Elizabeth Warren asserts that the American justice system is racist “front to back.” Was that under the Obama Administration, too? Or did it just happen under the Trump Administration?… Dennis talks James Dobson, Founder and President of the James Dobson Family Institute. The topic: getting Christians to vote.

The post Prager 20180807 – 2 Front to Back appeared first on Pragertopia.

Dennis talks to Candace Owens, Director of Communications for Turning Point USA about how Antifa thugs attacked her and Charlie Kirk outside of a Philadelphia restaurant… Dennis talks to Noah Hansen, a PragerForce student at Northwood High School in Irvine.

The post Prager 20180807 – 1 Candace and Charlie vs. Antifa appeared first on Pragertopia.

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Monday, Aug 6, 2018

USAToday features a front-page story on the “Rape Culture” at college. It's full of the same phony statistics all these stories contain like 1 and 4 women are sexually assaulted on campus… Lauren Fix, popular automotive and automobile industry expert. The topic is the Trump rollback of Obama's absurd car fuel standards.

The post Prager 20180806 – 3 Rape Culture appeared first on Pragertopia.

The Pope changes the Catholic catechism to exclude capital punishment. This is another manifestation of his leftism… Dennis talks to George Washington U. student Daniel Woznica.

The post Prager 20180806 – 2 Pope and Capital Punishment appeared first on Pragertopia.

Dennis had a big birthday party on Saturday night. It was a glorious event… Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens of Turning Point USA were attacked by Antifa bullies while eating breakfast this morning in Philadelphia… Brazilians are fleeing the country as Latin America descends back into socialism…

The post Prager 20180806 – 1 Birthday Party appeared first on Pragertopia.

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