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Friday, Aug 18, 2017

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Are you making any plans to see the solar eclipse; how did you get your start on radio; what's your advice for dating after a divorce?

7.5 on the Happiness Scale is much better than swinging from 2 to 10.

Today is Steve Bannon's last day at the White House, reportedly headed back to Breitbart. Dennis reviews the week's events: Charlottesville, Barcelona, Finland, and conducting the Santa Monica Symphony.

Highlights from the week of 8/14/2017

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Thursday, Aug 17, 2017

There's a new terror attack. This time in Barcelona… The idea that the President endorses Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists is ridiculous… Dennis talks to his friend and former Major League Baseball manager and player, Walt Weiss…

The press has one goal: to bring down the presidency of Donald Trump… Dennis returns to his concert last night… He and the conductor played America, the Beautiful at the end of the concert and the audience of 2200 sang along.

The attempt to boycott Dennis's concert last night failed. Big time. It was sold out. Furthermore, it was a beautiful evening. Dennis conducted Haydn symphony #51 flawlessly, with energy and aplomb. The audience loved every second of it… People who attended the concert call in.

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Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis and discusses the aftermath from Charlottesville, and goes through an interview from ABC with Ronna Romney-McDaniel. Callers weigh in.

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis and continues on Charlottesville and the aftermath. Mark points out that there are a group of Americans that don't hate President Trump, but remain silent in support. Callers weigh in.

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis and jumps right into the events in Charlottesville and the aftermath. Mark states that mobs do not self-restrain, as he discusses: racism in America, the police and their role, criticism of President Trump, and takes calls.

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Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017

America was founded on the idea that liberty was paramount value. But more and more Americans appear to prefer security over liberty.

Vandals pulled down a statute of a confederate soldier in Durham, NC. The police stood by and watched… Dennis talks to Heather Macdonald contributing editor for City Journal and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. The topic: how PC has infected the corporate world.

Conservative Americans have effectively been silenced. People are afraid to say that they support the President while they listen to their co-workers bash him… Dennis talks to Pete Hegseth, Fox News contributor and Iraq War veteran. He teaches the newest video from PragerU – How Iraq Was Won and Lost.

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Monday, Aug 14, 2017

Dennis's concert at Disney Hall is now sold out. The Left tried to stop it. They failed. Utterly… Dennis comments on the President's powerful statement condemning Neo-Nazis and KKK… Dennis talks to Lucas Muzitano, a student Universidade Estacio de Sa and member of PragerForce.

Where were the police? Why didn't they separate the two radical groups?… Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe makes an inane statement about “unity”… Dennis talks Dinesh D'Souza, best-selling author and film-maker. His new book is The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left.

A scuffle between White Nationalist and Leftist Fascists caused a national stir this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. A young woman was killed when a White Nationalist drove his car into a crowd of counter-protestors… The Left has succeeded in making identity politics central to the American political life. This is inherently divisive… Dennis's concert Wednesday is sold out… The President makes a very strong statement condemning racism, specifically naming white supremacists.

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Friday, Aug 11, 2017

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: is Dennis a pessimist; if a leftist musician wanted to play for Dennis would he care.

Everything that will bring you happiness takes work.

The LA Times entire opinion piece page is devoted to ridiculing the President… The Left is encroaching on Evangelical Christianity. If they win, we're in trouble… The Left destroys everything it touches.

Highlights from the week of 8/7/2017

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Thursday, Aug 10, 2017

Dennis talks to Milo Yiannopoulos, journalist, author, pundit, a provocateur. His issue is free speech. His new book is Dangerous.

What percentage of American males are characters? Dennis is one. Allen is not one… Dennis plays the latest video from PragerU, “College Made Me Conservative.” It's a funny and telling description of the college experience… Democrats complain about living under Donald Trump and then subject themselves to Leftist's like NY mayor, Bill de Blasio.

The Left is very upset by the President's “fire and fury” remark. What is he supposed to say? Something more “diplomatic,” no doubt. The truth is that whatever he says, to the Left, it's wrong… Why have the NY Times and the LA Times felt compelled to cover the Prager Conducting controversy?…

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Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017

Dennis talks to Guido Lamell, Conductor of the Santa Monica Symphony orchestra and violinist with the LA Philharmonic… Dennis talks to Sebastian Gorka, intelligence analyst, deputy assistant to the President and a member of the National Security Advisory Staff.

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