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Monday, Jan 23, 2017

Prager H3: Women in America are freer, better educated, more prosperous and equal than any women in the world. What are the marchers so angry about?… We are in the middle of the second Civil War. The Left and Right have almost nothing in common.

Prager H2: Madonna and Ashley Judd made fool of themselves on Saturday, ranting incoherently about how nasty and loving they are. Dennis plays audio and comments.

Prager H1: Over a million women marched this weekend in Washington, DC and other cities, but what were they marching about? It wasn’t really a “women’s march” it was a “women who hate Trump” march… Chris Matthews calls President Trump’s inauguration speech “Hitlerian.”… PM of the UK is not surprised to hear that President Trump wants to put America first. She wants to put the UK first, too.

Friday, Jan 20, 2017

Prager H3: Dennis further reflects on Trump’s no-nonsense inaugural speech. But, per the Open Lines tradition, takes calls, too.

Prager H2: Are you happier that we have a Republican President? Are you unhappier? Dennis states his own view. Callers state theirs.

Prager H1: We have a new President. And he’s a Republican. His name is Donald Trump. Dennis plays the new President’s inaugural address live. And then comments. Such as his style, the speech was direct and blunt. Time to return power to the people.

Thursday, Jan 19, 2017

Prager H3: A synagogue in Berkeley calls for a fast on Inauguration Day tomorrow. They’re appalled that a nation of deplorables has elected Donald Trump… President Obama thanked the press for being so tough on him. Laughable… MSNBC host spreads fake news. Then, when it’s revealed to be a hoax, the host goes silent. Will he apologize?… Anything done in the service of Leftism is acceptable – to the Left.

Prager H2: Dennis returns to the Washington Post story calling the brilliant thinker David Gelernter an anti-intellectual… Who decided that health insurance is a “right”?

Prager H1: Juvenile, Hate-Trump leftists stage a “cough-in” at one of the President-elect’s restaurants… The Washington Post calls Yale Computer Science Professor “fiercely anti-intellectual.”…Dennis talks to Betsy McCaughey, Senior Fellow, London Center for Policy Research. Their subject is the greatly exaggerated pre-existing condition health care problem.

Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017

Prager H3: A CNN commentator calls blacks who visit the President-elect a group of “mediocre negroes.” Does that make CNN a racist network?… Dennis talks to Bjorn Lomborg, President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center. He teaches the newest PragerU course “The Paris Climate Agreement Won’t Change the Climate.”

Prager H2: Was your marriage ever in trouble? If so and you saved it, how did you do it?

Prager H1: Trump calls out John Lewis, civil rights “icon.” The media and elite establishment gasp, but once again the President-elect proves to be correct in his assessment… Debbie Wasserman Schultz concocts a conspiracy theory about how Trump won the election… Dennis plays a few minutes of the Scott Pruitt EPA hearing. Bernie Sanders grandstands… A Michigan teacher says he won’t allow his students to see Donald Trump’s inauguration speech. The indoctrination is starting earlier and earlier.

Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017

Prager H3: Where did this idea that love should be unconditional come from? There’s nothing you can do that will cause you to lose the love of a spouse, a parent, or God?

Prager H2: A growing list of Democratic Congressmen have decided to boycott the inauguration…”Resistance” is being planned… Mainstream reporters bully Martin Luther King III with leading questions after he visits Donald Trump…

Prager H1: There is an unbridgeable gap between the left and the right. We need to face up to it… John Lewis told Chuck Todd this would be the first inauguration he won’t be attending since he joined Congress. This turns out not to be true… Philadelphia teachers are planning a Black Lives Matter curriculum… Dennis talks to Joy Pullmann, managing editor of The Federalist. Their subject is “New Civics.”

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