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Friday, Feb 17, 2017

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda, Issues raised include: What is the difference between Judaism and being Jewish or Hebrew; Is there anything that your kids would do for you to disown them; His daughter’s HS School teacher said “Government is here to protect us from itself” yet not sure what it means; Why do you think “leftism” is the fastest growing religion in the world; He would like to suggest to you to do a show on wisdom; how do I tell my daughter to go to Hillsdale College?

Prager H2: On the eve of a two-week cruise absence, Dennis opens the lines. Issues raised include: Reducing negatives in your life can make you happier; callers shares a happiness story about Stephanie Nielson who was burned; Can you offer advice if you’ve had a charmed life; How does you happiness apply to your faith?

Prager H1: What the President has proposed re: immigration restrictions is well within norms of other free nations. Once again, why must ask: why the hysteria… How does one explain Scandinavian anti-Semitism?… President Trump held a 77-minute press conference yesterday. It was unlike any Presidential press conference you’ve ever seen. And if you watch TV news you saw 20 seconds of the most inflammatory clip… If the President wants his economic reforms to succeed he needs to ditch the Paris Climate Agreement… California spent billions on climate change and very little on infrastructure.

Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Ashley McGuire, a journalist who has written for Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Time and many other publications. Her new book is Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female… Dennis has more comments on the President’s press conference… Fareed Zakaria doesn’t know his Middle East history.

Prager H2: President Trump confronts the media. Dennis plays the President’s press conference live. And then comments.

Prager H1: Dennis poses this question to listeners: did your child’s values change at college. The lines light up.

Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017

Prager H3: General Flynn spoke to the Russian Ambassador. That’s trivial. What’s significant is that intelligence sources inside of the government leaked his conversation… The difference between leftists and liberals is greater than difference between liberals and conservatives… A Democratic Congressman wants to know what Janet Yellen, head of the Federal Reserve, is doing about “climate change.” …Yale celebrates the Black Panther Party for Black History Month.

Prager H2: Dennis and Allen review the six audio clips that make up of the Male/Female Hour theme.

Prager H1: Was General Flynn the victim of a political assassination? His call to the Russian Ambassador was a call by a private citizen. Why was NSA listening? Who leaked it?… Dennis talks to Tom Shillue, comedian and host of Red Eye on Fox News. He teaches the new PragerU video “Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.”… Why are we giving millions of dollars of taxpayer money to Islamic groups “to combat violent extremism”? Why do you need ten cents to teach this?

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017

Prager H3: Should non-religious parents raise a religious child? Dennis has thoughts on this. So do callers. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast July 29, 2014.

Prager H2: General Flynn has resigned his position of National Security Advisor. It’s unfortunate on many levels, but may have been unavoidable… Dennis talks to Brad Anderson, former CEO of Best Buy about how the business community reacts to President Trump. China, Europe, the dollar and taxes are also part of the discussion.

Prager H1: A dam in California is overflowing. The dam itself, one of the nation’s largest, is threatened. Less than a year ago, the governor of the state told everyone to prepare for a perpetual drought… Second-hand smoke hysteria has been disproven by numerous studies. It’s annoyance, yes, but not a mortal threat… Al Franken tells Bill Maher that Republican senators have said to him that the President is “not right mentally.” Do you trust Franken? Do you think Republican senators do?… Four years ago, Republicans were just as depressed by the election as the Democrats are now. But Republicans didn’t riot.

Monday, Feb 13, 2017

Prager H3: The Washington Post writes a typically dishonest headline describing federal “raids” against “immigrants.” No, not immigrants, illegal immigrants. The article goes on to say that many of them are “known criminals.” If they’re known criminals what are they doing here?… We don’t have to worry about an imperial presidency; we have to worry about an imperial judiciary… Dennis talks to Adam Carolla, comedian and host of the world’s most popular podcast. Dennis and Adam will be together at California State University, Northridge on Wednesday night.

Prager H2: Speaking of foolish, NYT columnist wrote an inane column comparing American husbands to Muslim terrorists… 72 people from the seven restricted countries have been convicted of attempting to commit terror… PragerForce, the student action arm of PragerU, has broken a major story about the latest campus bow-down to Political Correctness.

Prager H1: Dennis was the master of ceremonies at an event honoring Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito. He was deeply impressed by the justice’s values and obvious goodness… Everyday it becomes more and more clear that we are a new civil war… A gay conservative comes out of the closet – as a conservative… We think the Left is foolish. They think we are evil. Big difference…

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