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Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014

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Prager H3: Dennis talks to Max Boot, senior fellow of Council on Foreign Relations, about the mess that is the Middle East… Scotland is voting tomorrow on whether it will leave the United Kingdom. If it does, it may set off a potentially dangerous trend in Europe.

Prager H2: Dennis made an interesting observation on the cruise: why do so many women come on cruises without their husbands, but no husband ever cruises without this wife? Callers react.

Prager H1: Dennis reflects on his latest cruise – Britain to Boston. Dennis got on in Dublin and got off today in Halifax… Scotland may break free of the United Kingdom. The UK isn’t Left or Green enough… If you want to become Homecoming Queen declare yourself to be transgender.

Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

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Prager H3: Mark is filling in and Penny Nance, President Concerned Women for America, calls in to discuss the war on women. Mark takes calls on various topics.

Prager H2: Mark is filling in and Joe Piscopo promised to call in. He delivers. Bill Gertz, columnist and reporter for The Washington Free Beacon and The Washington Times, shares his ideas for strategies the US should use in the middle east and why 3,000 troops will be sent out to fight Ebola.

Prager H1: Mark Larson fills in on the last day before Dennis returns. Sarah Ferris was published in The Hill about how Support for Obamacare continues to fall. Hillary pretended to grill a steak in IOWA on Sunday; It was already cooked. Oy. Why won’t Iran help the west with Iraq? The current state of the middle east shows the great insufficiency of the President’s foreign policy.

Monday, Sep 15, 2014

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Prager H3: Dinesh D’Souza joins the show to talk about the old liberals who set the stage for the radical liberals to dominate the college scene. Young people need to be clued in that they’re being sold a bill of goods. Mark plays another Bill Maher clip about how he grew up poor, and he knew he’d never be rich, believing that Republican’s should stop selling the “American Dream,” because it doesn’t exist… his current net worth is 23 million. A strange caller wishes Mark a “Happy Post 9/11.”

Prager H2: Mark Larson is filling in. The newest issue the Left is obsessed with is domestic violence and the NFL. It’s not because they deeply care, it’s because the Left is looking for the Right to say something that can be taken out of context and made the newest issue. Rosie O’Donnell is the gift that keeps on giving. She re-debuted on The View, she says it’s natural for a football player to extend violence to their private lives. Mark talks to Christopher Horner, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. His new book is, The Liberal War on Transparency: Confessions of a Freedom of Information “Criminal”. Bill Maher talks to Nancy Pelosi about the fate of the country in the hands of the Republicans.

Prager H1: Mark Larson is filling in. He noticed an Old Spice advertisement during the Chargers game last night of a severed head. Are we desensitized? T Boone Pickens, an American business magnate and financier, weighs in on paying his fair share, and talks about minimum wage laws. Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy and columnist, joins the show to talk about Muslims, Islam, and national security.

Friday, Sep 12, 2014

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Prager H3: Arthur Brooks read his column for Lee, Love People, Not Pleasure. Unhappiness and happiness are thought to be polar opposites, but they go hand in hand. Kathryn Watson, reporter from the Franklin Center, tells the most recent crazy nanny state law, this time in Mississippi. A Chuck Jones Tribute.

Prager H2: Lee sitting in for Dennis. The FDA is a huge bureaucracy that should be challenged over their old school ideas for not allowing certain drugs on the market. Specifically drugs that would help specific individuals. Ed Levitt told his story about the drug Irisa, which helped him heal from lung cancer. Peter Huber, fellow at Manhattan Institute, discusses what Ed’s story means for the FDA. Dr. Joseph Golfo wrote Innovation Breakdown: How The FDA and Wall Street Cripple Medical Advances, reviewed by Alex Tabarrok.

Prager H1: Lee Habeeb sitting in for Dennis focuses the hour on listening to children and young adults about accepting what they want to do as a career. College is not for everyone. Being a plumber and a firefighter is an important and honorable job too. Ken Robinson speaks at a TED talk about schools killing children’s creativity. Anthony Solis, a 19 year old welder in Houston calls in to discuss his career discussion. Triple G shares a story from The Deadliest Catch, which ties the hour together.

Thursday, Sep 11, 2014

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Prager H3: Lee is joined by Pat Williams, former Alabama linebacker and co-founder of the Orlando Magic, for the entire hour. They talk about Coach Paul William “Bear” Bryant, a six time national championship coach and leader of men. Also, John Croyle talks about his experience with the coach. John played defensive end for the 1973 National Championship football team under Coach Bryant.

Prager H2: Lee starts the hour off by playing clips from Daniel Gordis, who is part of the group ZAKA, which is a volunteer force that cleans up bodies after attacks in Israel. Callers weigh in on the President’s ISIL/ISIS speech last night. Cliff May, the President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies has some interesting thoughts on whether western leaders understand and are countering the growing jihadist threat. Emanuel Ottolenghi joins Cliff and Lee to discuss defeating the Islamic state.

Prager H1: Lee Habeeb sitting in. He starts the show with clips from the President’s speech last night. He has callers call in and give their opinion. Gail Sheehy joins the show to commemorate the 9/11 attacks thirteen years ago and to talk about her book on the event called Middletown America: One Town’s Passage from Trauma to Hope.

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