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Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014

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Prager H3: “I believe in God,” means nothing. It means as much if you say “water is wet.” What does your God demand?

Prager H2: Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke at the UN yesterday. He had to undo lies told about his country. Truth is not the norm in the bizarro world of the UN and the Left.

Prager H1: The White House intruder got much further than previously reported even to the point of approaching the President’s living quarters. The Secret Service Director takes full responsibility. But what does that mean if she doesn’t resign or no one is fired?… Dennis talks to Ami Horowitz, political satirist and film-maker. Ami filmed the Global Warming rally in NYC last week… Turns out that the White House intruder overwhelmed a female Secret Service agent before being apprehended.

Monday, Sep 29, 2014

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Prager H3: Dennis talks to best-selling author Ann Coulter about the upcoming election and what Republicans need to do to take back the Senate… Ultra-Orthodox Jews cause chaos on El Al flight when they refuse to sit next to women… Colorado High School students walk out of their classrooms to protest a proposal that their American history curriculum be more patriotic.

Prager H2: The killer in Oklahoma would have certainly murdered more people had he not been stopped by a civilian with a gun. Will the anti-gun crowd acknowledge this?… There’s no such thing as male and female anymore. California makes it a law… The Foreign Minister of France and the host of the next big Climate Conference doesn’t like the term Climate Change. He wants to call it Climate Disruption.

Prager H1: Was it workplace violence when a Muslim convert beheaded a woman in Oklahoma last Thursday? Can it be workplace violence and terrorism at the same time? MSNBC thinks that the killer’s conversion to Islam is not relevant to the murder… The Prime Minister of Israel addresses the UN. His task: undo the lies spoken from the same podium by the Palestinian and Iranian leaders.

Friday, Sep 26, 2014

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Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: how do Jews get into heaven; why do so many self-made wealthy people support the Leftist agenda; can a Muslim and Christian have a successful marriage; how do you honor narcissistic parents. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast May 30, 2014.

Prager H2: Men will rarely be satisfied by their career achievements. There is always something more to achieve. This can be a major source of unhappiness. Perspective is required. Even Moses didn’t get into the Promised Land. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast January 22, 2013.

Prager H1: Dennis talks to Camille Pagilia, renown social critic and Professor of Humanities & Media Studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast January 9, 2014.

Thursday, Sep 25, 2014

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Prager H3: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. Wesleyan University orders on-campus fraternities to admit women, the same university where President Obama urged students to repair “our collective salvation” by going into community service. Former President Bill Clinton says that Hillary is “the ablest person he’s ever worked with.” Joining the show Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, one of the founders the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, weighs in on ISIS. Richard Branson, John Kerry, and Prince Charles weigh in on “Climate Change.”

Prager H2: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. He is joined by John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel and self-professed environmentalist. Coleman talks about Earth’s many climate changes over the millennia. No global warming has been seen in the last 17 years and the government is scrambling to manipulate data and find other climate crises to scare the public, including drought and ocean cycles, which are also natural weather cycles. President Obama speaks at the U.N. to encourage all nations in the fight against climate change, and the United States is going to cut carbon emissions here and help other nations in their battle against carbon emissions.

Prager H1: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. Attorney General Eric Holder to announce resignation later today. Is it possible for President Obama to choose an even worse Attorney General. The President tells the U.N. that right makes might. Ret. Colonel Oliver North joins Mark in discussing Holder’s resignation, pointing out that he is the only AG to ever have been held in contempt of Congress.

Wednesday, Sep 24, 2014

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Prager H3: The President addressed to UN this morning. At one point he drew a moral equivalence between what’s going on between Russia and Ukraine, the chaos in Syria and Ferguson, MO… Dennis talks to David Limbaugh, lawyer and national syndicated columnist. His new book is Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel… Dennis returns to the President’s UN speech.

Prager H2: Is there something men want more than sex? Dennis has something in mind. But so do callers.

Prager H1: Yesterday, the President addressed the UN. Of all the problems in the world, climate change is the worst. Really?… Dennis talks to Dinesh D’Souza about the sentence he received for breaking campaign finance laws. The fact that he was charged was absurd and the sentence is absurd (but could have been much worse)… Dennis talks to Lawrence Wright, staff writer for the New Yorker. His new book is Thirteen Days in September: Carter, Begin, and Sadat at Camp David.

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