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Monday, Mar 31, 2014

Prager H1: The IPCC has issued their latest report. It's all gloom and doom. One of the fathers of environmentalism now laments that environmentalism has become a religion, immune to facts… A great American hero died at 89; Jeremiah Denton, a prisoner of war in Viet Nam and former US Senator.

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Friday, Mar 28, 2014

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: if you say liberals are irrational, how can you justify the bible as rational; do you worry about serious injury; what challenger have you learned a lesson from; if there were no God, would there be morality?

Prager H2: To be happy, you have to be able to clearly distinguish between wants and needs. Most wants are not needs. But wants, if moral, are often a source of happiness.

Prager H1: A feminist filmmaker has made a new documentary about what she believes is the most dangerous phrase in the English language “be a man.”… The new IPCC report, unlike all previous IPCC reports, isn't sure that global warming will cause an animal extinctions… Does the President “get” Russia? Or is he living in a liberal fantasy where everybody solves everything “diplomatically.” … Has the Ukraine crisis knocked Europe out of its Green haze?

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Thursday, Mar 27, 2014

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Fred Siegel, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. His new book is The Revolt against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class… Dennis revisits the micro-aggression theory of racism, now very fashionable in academic circles… John Kerry tries to save his doomed Middle East peace plan. Give up, Mr. Secretary, it never had chance because the Palestinians will never acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state.

Prager H2: The Islamization of some UK schools is shocking… The Democratic candidate for an open Senate seat in Iowa, a tort reform hating lawyer, insults most of his potential constituents… Dennis talks to Ann Coulter, best-selling author. She has lost her health insurance because of ObamaCare. Getting a new policy has been a nightmare.

Prager H1: Do women care if a woman became President? Most don't. But liberal women do… Dennis talks to Mat Staver, Director, Liberty Center for Law and Policy and lawyer for the Pelletier family. Justina Pelletier has, in effect, been kidnapped by the State of MA. This unbelievable story gets more unbelievable and more tragic each week.

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Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014

Prager H3: Dennis celebrates: saturated fats have been declared benign. Butter is back. So is red meat. And chicken skin… The New York Times urges the French to something about their Right wing parties right away. They propose that the current socialist government quickly pass tax cuts! Isn't that a Wall Street Journal editorial?… Venezuelans are developing a fine hatred for Castro Cubans… Why do immigrants come to the US? To make our country like the country they left?

Prager H2: Dennis has never accepted that people divorce too easily. But if there is an exception it might be that some women feel that they're “imprisoned” within marriage and need to be free. Callers weigh in.

Prager H1: Our ambassador to Russia admitted that he couldn't make a strong case against Russia's takeover of Crimea because we invaded Iraq. Come again, Mr. Ambassador? Did we invade Iraq to make it the 51st state? To annex Iraq? We wanted to bring freedom to Iraqis, not take it away. What happens to people when they get into the State Department?… Did the pilot of MH370 take the plane on a final deadly joyride?… Dennis talks to Lieutenant Jason Redman, former Navy SEAL commander. His new book is The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader.

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Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014

Prager H3: God is a lot more than love. He is a God of Justice. A God of Judgment. And, many other attributes, including a God of War.  

Prager H2: How can the US leave a place like Afghanistan or Iraq and not take care of the translators and others who have helped us? This is a shame on our country… Dennis talks to best-selling author and documentary film-maker, Dinesh D'Souza, about his recent arrest for allegedly violating campaign finance laws.

Prager H1: President Obama is in Europe for the G8 minus 1. It really bugs Dennis that the President keeps calling foreign heads of state and senators and congressmen by their first names. It's part of the leveling of the Office… Dennis talks to Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor to the Jerusalem Post. Her new book is The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East.

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Monday, Mar 24, 2014

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Clark Niely, Senior Attorney for the Institute for Justice. His new book is Terms of Engagement: How Our Courts Should Enforce the Constitution's Promise of Limited Government… A major new study reverses conventional wisdom: saturated fats are okay. We are living Woody Allen's 1973 film, Sleeper.

Prager H2: Dennis talks to John Hinderaker, founder of the popular blog site, Powerline, about a misleading Washington Post report that the Koch Brothers are behind the Keystone pipeline… Dennis talks to Biola University Law Professor, James Hirsen, about the latest in the Justina Pelletier case… Pope Francis tells the Mafia to repent or they are going to hell…

Prager H1: The Malaysian Prime Minister has declared that flight MH370 went down in the southern Indian Ocean… Another college student “racism” hoax has been exposed in Michigan… Taliban terrorists gunned down children in front of their mother before shooting her.

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Friday, Mar 21, 2014

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: what is Dennis's favorite fountain pen; a caller explains how Dennis brought him back to Catholicism; do men and women have sexual obligations to their spouses; how do you stay with your place of worship when that place becomes Leftist.

Prager H2: Dennis, back from the cruise for his first Happiness Hour in two weeks, opens the lines. Issues raised include: is it better to pursue holiness over happiness; how do you deal with friends who are doing much better financially than you.

Prager H1: The mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continues. We still know almost nothing. Even the debris in Southern Indian Ocean is sketchy… Dennis talks to Steve Cohen, former director of the US Naval Institute about the sorry state of the US Navy… John Kerry blames Israel for failed Mideast Peace talks… The latest fad for the race/gender/class crowd is “micro aggressions.”

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Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Jim DeFelice, military historian and novelist. His new book is Code Name: Johnny Walker: The Extraordinary Story of the Iraqi Who Risked Everything to Fight with the U.S. Navy SEALs… If you can choose your gender, why can't you choose your race?… The Left keeps up their vicious, but unintentionally funny, attacks on Dennis, accusing him of being a sexist and anti-woman.

Prager H2: A principal of a Houston school is fired because she asked the students to speak English on campus… Dennis talks to Adam Carolla about Dennis's Togo visit to a voodoo priest as well as Adam's fight against patent trolls who threaten the future of podcasting.

Prager H1: There's a report that debris of the MH370 may have been spotted by satellites 1600 miles off the W. Coast of Australia. If this is confirmed, it suggests some tragic accident, probably fire… The Left accuses the Right of being anti-science. But just the opposite is true. Fracking causes earthquakes is the latest Leftist anti-science hysteria… Secretary of State, John Kerry, is upset with Israeli Defense minister – for speaking truth…

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Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Gordon Crovitz, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, about the Obama's Administration surrender of Internet control to a vague international organization that includes Russia and China… Dennis talks to Rabbi Joseph Telushkin who teaches the latest Prager University course – “What Did Your Parents Most Want You to Be?”

Prager H2: Some media outlets have drawn attention to the fact that Dennis is speaking at a fund raiser for Senator Mitch McConnell. This is not odd. What's odd is that they focus on a column that Dennis wrote five years ago. In this column, Dennis argues that mood should not be the sole determinant of whether a woman has sex with her husband. That McConnell is associating with Dennis is supposed to be proof that McConnell is “anti-woman.” But what is “anti-woman” about this view?

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