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Thursday, Dec 12, 2013

Prager H1: An affluent 16 year-old drunk driver killed four people in Ft Worth, Texas. He was sentenced to probation. A defense psychologist called the killer a victim of “afluenza” because his rich parents didn't place any boundaries on him… Callers react.

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Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013

Prager H3: Greenpeace released a twisted video of Santa Claus threatening that Christmas will be cancelled because of global warming. The left-wing media has now picked up the ridiculous story of the six grader being suspended for inappropriate touching… kissing a classmate's hand. Ironic, considering that it is the left who has led to and perpetuated, these kinds of frivolous suspensions.

Prager H2: Dennis reads an email from a listener who had a frank conversation about his male nature with his wife as result of the Male/Female Hour. She responded in a positive way and now their relationship is much more open and improved.

Prager H1: Was it presidential for our President to take a “selfie” of himself during Nelson Mandela's funeral?… The Air Force removes a nativity scene at an air base in South Carolina. Sadly, the military has become the most politically correct institution in the country, next to the university… Time names Pope Francis the Person of Year…

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Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013

Prager H3: Enlightenment thinkers of the 18th century based their philosophy on the idea that people are basically good. But the Founders of the United States rejected this idea.

Prager H2: The terrorist murderer of a British soldier in London went on trial this week. The terrorist describes himself as a “soldier of Allah.” … UCLA announces a major new diversity initiative. Just what UCLA needs!…

Prager H1: A six-year-old in Colorado is suspended from school for kissing a girl… Cold records are being shattered across the country. More proof that the planet is burning up… Dennis talks to Paul Sabin, Associate Professor of History and American Studies at Yale. His new book is The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth's Future.

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Monday, Dec 9, 2013

Prager H3: A New York Times op-ed writer, a professor at a major college, believes Iran is ready to become our ally again. Really? The Ayatollahs are ready to become our ally?… Is there real evil in the world or is everything a shade of gray?… Bernie Madoff is in prison for life for his crimes. His wife, surviving son and grandson will not speak to him. Can we feel pity for him?

Prager H2: Canada is not revered around the world the way it was a few years ago. Why would this be? Answer: it has a Conservative PM… The world doesn't hate the US. The Left hates the US. Unfortunately, the Left dominates the world's media… The President has just discovered that big government doesn't work… A baker in Colorado is forced by a judge to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple even though it violates the baker's religious convictions.

Prager H1: Record low temperatures were scattered across the country this weekend. More proof of global warming… An op-ed piece in the Sunday NY Times encourages couples to let the housework go undone… Dennis reinforces the idea that Nelson Mandela ruled as moderate, despite his Leftist leanings. Compared to Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Mandela is a giant… Iran is still advancing its nuke program.

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Friday, Dec 6, 2013

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: what should Dennis name his autobiography; should Dennis live stream his show on video; is it ethical to juice up your electrical car at a public school; is a voice recording more memorable than a photograph.

Prager H2: How does one manage a happy attitude when surrounded with so much bad news? Dennis has suggestions. So do callers.

Prager H1: Nelson Mandela died in South Africa yesterday. If you doubt his greatness, just look to Zimbabwe. South Africa could have easily gone in the direction of that benighted formerly apartheid state… The Obama Administration is letting another freedom movement expire; this time in the Ukraine which is being pulled back into Russia's orbit… Eagles are in for a few rough few decades. Wind turbines are killing them. The Obama Administration is fine with it…

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Thursday, Dec 5, 2013

Prager H3: The President continues to spread the “half-truth” that women earn much less than men in a speech full of such half-truths… Dennis talks to Michael and Felice Friedson, the founders and editors of The Media Line, an American Middle East News source…

Prager H2: Dennis continues his analysis of the President's latest “You didn't earn it” speech… Dennis talks to Michael Novak, renowned social philosopher about his new book, Writing from Left to Right: My Journey from Liberal to Conservative… Dennis resumes his deconstruction of the President's speech.

Prager H1: Dennis cites a Woody Allen press conference interview to help explain the atheist view of life. The filmmaker is honest about the meaninglessness of life if you have an atheist world view… The President delivered a new, Leftist cliché-laden speech, articulating his core view of the economy: the bigger the government, the better…

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Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013

Prager H3: A judge has ruled that Detroit public pensions are not untouchable. This may lead to the city's financial salvation, but not if the unions have anything to say about it… Dennis talks to Edward Frenkel, professor of mathematics at U. of California, Berkeley. His new book is Love and Math… Dennis also talks to Major Ron Busroe, Community Relations and Development Secretary for the Salvation Army… A new biography tries to impugn the great American painter, Norman Rockwell.

Prager H2: What happens when a couple has a moral conflict?

Prager H1: Eric Holder claims the case against the Boston Bomber is complex. Really? What's complex about it? In a better world, the bomber would been tried and executed already… You want complex? What punishment for the driver who drove his NYC commuter train off the tracks, killing 4 people and injuring many more? He wasn't drunk. He fell asleep at the wheel – literally.

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Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013

Prager H3: Perhaps the most famous verse in The Bible is “love your neighbor as yourself.” But rarely is the full verse quoted. This omission is critically important and says a lot about our modern, secular culture. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast January 25, 2011.

Prager H2: At Mills College and other colleges around the country, you can choose your own pronoun… Is it racist to say that the participants in the “Knockout Game” are overwhelmingly black?

Prager H1: Dennis talks to Mark Levin, best-selling author and nationally syndicated talk show host. His new book is The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic… A Democratic Congresswoman and lifetime smoker diagnosed with lung cancer claims her disease was caused by asbestos… A Republican National Committee tweet celebrating Rosa Parks turns into a charge of racism by the Left…

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Monday, Dec 2, 2013

Prager H3: According to Gallup, nurses are more trusted than any other profession… Is Scott Walker a serious contender for 2016?… Charles Blow of the NY Times nicely encapsulates the Left's view of America.

Prager H2: The media will report whatever coincides with its liberal agenda. A good example is a case in New Jersey in which a waitress claimed she was denied a tip by a couple who disapproved of her “lifestyle.” But there is a lot of evidence that the waitress fabricated the story… Black Friday sales were down this year… A new study reports that prayer helps people resist temptation and endure depression…

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