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Friday, Mar 7, 2014

Prager H1: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. President Obama hosts a tribute to Women of Soul at the White House last night and while honoring Aretha Franklin, he flubs spelling “RESPECT.” Also, how much is the President really doing to “reach out” to Putin.

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Thursday, Mar 6, 2014

Prager H3: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. The House passes more Affordable Care Act legislation, which leads Mark to discuss Hillary Clinton's comment of “what difference does it make,” and how it typifies the Left's refusal to discuss the past. Callers weigh in.

Prager H2: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. President Obama briefly addresses the press about Ukraine, but exits quickly and leaves Jay Carney to field questions. John Kerry also spoke from Rome regarding Ukraine, and Bill Gertz, from also ways in on the situation.

Prager H1: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. Liz Wahl, news anchor for Russia Today, resigns on air from her position because of her stations white-washed reporting. Christopher Horner joins the program to discuss his latest book: The Liberal War on Transparency: Confessions of Freedom of Information “Criminal.” Debbie Wasserman Shultz is stunned at Darryl Issa's behavior at the committee hearing for Lois Lerner, even though he did nothing wrong.

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Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014

Prager H3: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. Mark takes calls, and talks about an incident that took place this morning in the House between Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

Prager H2: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. Paul Kengor, professor of political science at Grove City College, joins the show. Paul's new book is: 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative.

Prager H1: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis. Al Cardenas joins Mark to discuss C.P.A.C. 2014. Mark talks about how all the craziness in California is a precursor for the rest of the nation.

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Tuesday, Mar 4, 2014

Prager H3: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis. The Pentagon arranged a “drag show” for the LGBT troops on base in Japan. Then Mark talks about stories out of a Muslim barber shop in Canada and a California High School, examples of rising intolerance in the areas of religious freedom and free speech.

Prager H2: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis. Ann Coulter joins the program to talk about the 50th anniversary of C.P.A.C. coming this weekend, as well as foreign policy, executive orders, and Obamacare.

Prager H1: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis. President Obama's empty threats to Putin regarding Ukraine make the U.S. look weak. Obamacare delayed again… in order to keep the Democrats from losing the next round of elections.

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Monday, Mar 3, 2014

Prager H3: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis. White guilt has kept President Obama in the Oval Office and will keep him from being impeached. Also, the former head of Green Peace, among others, have come out and said global warming is not as bad as the Left has made is seem.

Prager H2: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis. He talks about President Obama, the imperial President, and how he circumvents Congress. In January the “Enforce the Take Care Clause Act” was introduced – a bill to make sure the President meets the requirments of the Constitutution and faithfully executes the law.

Prager H1: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis. With the escalating situation in Ukraine, what should America's role be in the looming crisis? How will President Obama handle President Putin… or will he? Callers weigh in.

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Friday, Feb 28, 2014

Prager H3: What's the difference between a good conductor and a great conductor; what are the dangers of marijuana; is there only one way to get to heaven; how do you find a good friend.

Prager H2: Dr. Stephen Marmer on Sustaining Happiness The only way you can sustain happiness is by earning it. Unearned rewards will be fleeting. Dr. Marmer also discusses the difference between envy and jealousy.

Prager H1: Dennis talks to Kasim Hafeez, a British Pakistani Muslim, who was raised in Nottingham, England to hate Jews and Israel. How and why he turned his life around is a riveting story of insight and courage.

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Thursday, Feb 27, 2014

Prager H3: Dennis does a last live hour, before the cruise to Africa. Listeners call in with anything under the sun, topics include: should parents be able to see their kids… in a situation like Justina Pelletier's; what is the best way to listen to the Prager bible lessons; is smoking really okay in Dennis' book?

Prager H2: Mathew Staver, an American lawyer, and former Seventh-day Adventist pastor talks to Dennis about the disgusting case of Justina Pelletier. Michael Tanner, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and lecturer for the newest Prager University course, America's Debt Crisis Explained, joins the show.

Prager H1: Dennis is disturbed by Gov. Jan Brewer's veto of Arizona bill SB1062. Michael Walsh, music critic, author, screenwriter, and media critic talks about the mysterious death of his daughter and the struggle it's been to gain back some normalcy.

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Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014

Prager H3: Dennis addresses how Leftists shutdown anyone who disagrees with them. US Circuit Court rules that a Greensburg, Indiana High School committed gender discrimination against, and was an affront to a male student's personal liberties by requiring him to have very short hair to play basketball. Harvard University student writer Sandra Korn suggests that free speech be abolished and all research promoting or justifying oppression be ended. Boston University Doctors Michael Siegel and Stanton Glantz say e-cigs seem like a good idea, but they're not.

Prager H2: Dennis poses the question: Is it true that people are viewed as more adult once they become engaged to be married?

Prager H1: Dennis talks about the First Lady's assault on marketing unhealthy food to kids during school hours. Gregory Feifer, author of Russians: The People Behind The Power, discusses how President Putin's system is a mechanism of corruption, which operates by giving citizens the false impression that they are stakeholders in their own government.

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Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014

Prager H3: Dr. Hugh Ross is a Canadian American astrophysicist, Christian apologist, and old earth creationist. He joins Dennis to discuss the creation story in Genesis… was it a literal seven days; what did “let there be light” mean; the difference between create and make; and what day is the Sabbath?

Prager H2: Dennis takes caller reactions to the latest bill in Arizona that would legally protect businesses that deny services to customers for religious reasons. He's also joined by Jennifer Senior, contributing columnist to the New York Magazine. Her new book is: All Joy and No fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood.

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