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Wednesday, Apr 4, 2018

The President wants to send troops to secure our southern border. A caravan of refugees from Honduras heads to the United States… Today is the 50th anniversary of ML King's assassination. The Left and Right see his “content of your character” message very differently… Dennis talks to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President and Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. He spoke at Duke earlier this week. Controversy ensued.

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What advice should parents give to daughters on being a good wife? Does anybody give such advice anymore?

The post Prager 20180404 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Advice to Daughters appeared first on Pragertopia.

How do you explain the actions of the YouTube Shooter, a 39 year-old woman who was angry that her videos had been demonetized?… Does the American experiment depend on a religious population?… Dennis talks to Pat Daugherty, former college administrator for the U of Georgia. She recently went to a convention for the profession. It was steeped in Leftist nonsense.

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Tuesday, Apr 3, 2018

Without a belief in God, it will be hard for the American project to survive. The Founders knew this. We shouldn't forget it.

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Dennis talks to Tom Sowell, legendary economist and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. His new book is Discrimination and Disparities… Forbes writes that when it comes to social media influence there's PragerU and then there's everybody else… Carol Swain, another conservative black intellectual, is running for mayor of Nashville. The local paper describes her as “polarizing.”

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The Rational Bible remains firmly at #2 on Amazon, the #1 non-fiction book… Zuhdi Jasser, an American Muslim physician who promotes a reformed Islam, has to endure a gauntlet of protesters at Duke University… Bernie Sanders sides with Hamas over Israel… George Washington U. is offering a course in fighting “Christian Privilege.”

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Monday, Apr 2, 2018

The Rational Bible is now the number two book on Amazon… Dennis talks to Phelim McAleer, journalist, film-maker and playwright. He attended a global warming “trial” in Northern California. It didn't go the way the catastrophists thought it would… Some early readers of Dennis's new book offer their thoughts.

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Can a white person understand African Art? Not according to those on the Left for whom skin color is the defining characteristic of an individual… Dennis talks to Michael Oren, renown historian, former Israeli Ambassador to the US and now Deputy Minister for Diplomacy in the Prime Minister's Office. The topic is the latest Gaza “protests.”

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The Rational Bible has landed! Dennis's magnum opus is finally available. Dennis talks to Joel Alperson, the Omaha businessman who brought the project together and has shepherded it from start to completion…

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Friday, Mar 30, 2018

Per usual, callers set the agenda… Dennis talks to Matt Knaster, PragerFORCE member at U. of Colorado, Denver… How did the Cleveland Indians get their names; why can't you eat certain foods on Passover; Dennis needs to be more forceful about raising money for PragerU.

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Believing in God and having a religion gives you a much better chance at happiness than no God and no religion.

The post Prager 20180330 – 2 Happiness Hour: Religion and Happiness appeared first on Pragertopia.

YouTube's mission statement about being an open forum is simply not true. So says the judge in the PragerU case… CA judge rules that coffee needs a cancer warning… The Left regards freedom with contempt.

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Thursday, Mar 29, 2018

Dennis talks to Warren Farrell, Chair of the Commission to Create a White House Council on Boys and Men. His new book with John Gray is The Boy Crisis… Dennis talks to PragerFORCE member, Sean Durkin, at Central Bucks High School South.

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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke puts excellence above diversity. For this he's been roundly condemned… Dennis talks to Edward Lynch, chair of political science department at Hollins University (Roanoke, VA). The topic is corruption and the devastating effect it has in South America and around the world.

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A Cleveland writer complains that the great Cleveland Orchestra is featuring a program of dead white males. He accuses the orchestra conductor of being a racist for excluding minority composers… Dennis talks to Ami Horowitz, video journalist. In his latest video, Ami asks students at George Washington University if the name of the university should be changed.

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Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018

Corruption destroys whole countries. It's pervasive around the world, unfortunately. It's very rarely discussed because it's not a “sexy” topic… John Paul Stevens, retired Supreme Court justice, calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment…

The post Prager 20180328 – 3 Corruption appeared first on Pragertopia.

How much does adultery tell us about someone's character? Can one commit adultery and still be a leader?

The post Prager 20180328 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Character and Adultery appeared first on Pragertopia.

It's now official Swedish policy to turn boys in gender neutral beings. Is that what parents what for their children?… PragerU loses the first round to Google/YouTube… Dennis talks to Morgan Sachs, a member of PragerFORCE at Florida Atlantic University.

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Tuesday, Mar 27, 2018

In decades past people had a fear (respect) of authority. That fear has faded and we are paying a big social price.

The post Prager 20180327 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Fear of Authority appeared first on Pragertopia.

The judge rules against PragerU in its lawsuit against YouTube, but declares YouTube's claim that it is a neutral and open forum to be mere “puffery.” …For most of American history there were very few gun laws and very few murders. Now we have lots of gun laws and lots of murders. Like everything else, it's a matter of values… Dennis talks to Wyatt Ruiz, PragerFORCE member at Cal State Northridge.

The post Prager 20180327 – 2 PragerU Wins by Losing appeared first on Pragertopia.

An 85-year-old woman who survived the Holocaust was murdered by two Muslim neighbors. Paris authorities have trouble admitting the religion of the victim and the murderers… The District Court in Northern California has ruled against PragerU, but the judge makes a startling admission.

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Monday, Mar 26, 2018

Two issues dominated the news this weekend – Stormy and Students… How many people know that Stormy's lawyer was a Democratic operative?… Dennis talks to Steve Robinson and Matt Krieger, LAPD reserve officers.

The post Prager 20180326 – 3 Non-Disclosure appeared first on Pragertopia.

Dennis plays clips from the Stormy Daniels interview… The Left doesn't care about gun control; they care about using this issue to get more power… The “leaders” of the student gun control have been fully indoctrinated…

The post Prager 20180326 – 2 More Storms appeared first on Pragertopia.

Last night “60 Minutes” aired the long-anticipated Stormy Daniels interview. It was not a great moment for Western Civilization, let's just put it that way. The ratings, of course, were very high… This weekend was also the big national march for gun control. Another not great moment… Dennis talks to Conor Bidinger, a PragerFORCE student at Venice High School in Los Angeles

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