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Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018

The President has been criticized for allowing the American flag to stand next to the N Korean flag. What is he supposed to do? Say to Kim, “You can't display your flag.”… The President is first a pragmatist… Dennis talks to Lee Habeeb, Vice President of Content at Salem Media Group, and host of Our American Stories, a nationally syndicated radio show and podcast. The topic is Father's Day.

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The Miss America contest will be about competing personalities – no swimsuits, no evening gowns. The reason? Judging women for their beauty is “de-humanizing.” Really? Why? And what does it even mean?

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The media screamed that the President was pushing us toward war with N Korea six months ago; now the media is screaming that he's a pushover… Transgender “girls” win first and second place at a local track meet… Dennis talks to Gina Pastore, co-host of Real Life with David James and wife of the late Frank Pastore. Her new book is Picking Up My Shattered Pieces: Bouncing Back When Life Throws You a Curve Ball.

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Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018

Conventional wisdom says that things work out in the long run. What does this old saw really mean? And is it true? Dennis has thoughts. So do callers.

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Dennis returns to the historic summit between the President and Kim Jong-Un… The mainstream media is already complaining about the deal… PragerU is now on the SPLC's Hate Watch list. But it's the SPLC's that is the hate group…

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Trump and Kim meet, confab and sign a statement. Kim says he will de-nuke. The President is optimistic but remains cautious… Threats to democracy do not come from Donald Trump; they come from the Left. No one on the Right wants to restrict free speech.

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Monday, Jun 11, 2018

Dennis reflects on the joy of grandchildren… Should we care that the European elites feel estranged from the United States?… Dennis returns Robert De Niro's “F— Trump” outburst at the Tonys… Corruption is destroying South Africa…

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The Europeans and Canadians are peeved with the President's tough talk on trade… A Georgia legislator has taken the oath of office with her hand on Malcolm X's Autobiography… Dennis talks to John Moorlach, CA State Senator, 37th District about AB 2943, a bill that bans “reparative” therapy.

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Robert De Niro, who never misses a chance to insult the President, screamed out to his Tony Award audience “F— Trump.” They cheered wildly in response… Is the problem with socialism that it's “never been tried?” That's what proponents still say…

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Friday, Jun 8, 2018

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: is writing with a fountain pen more fun than writing with a ball point; do people need to earn forgiveness; how did Dennis get to conduct orchestras.

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Given the announcement by Charles Krauthammer today and very recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, Dennis reflects on the tragic aspect of life. No one gets everything they want. Moses didn't make it into the Promised Land.

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Charles Krauthammer announces that he has lost his fight with cancer… Anthony Bourdain, chef and CNN food host, commits suicide… The President is headed to the G7 Summit in Canada. But he's skipping the Global Warming sessions. It's hard not to love this man… Who is the only one at the Summit who speaks about saving Western Civilization.

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Thursday, Jun 7, 2018

Beauty is part of life. Turning Miss America into a personality contest is not going to help American women… President Obama told lies to sell his Iran deal. Those lies dwarf whatever “lies” President Trump has told.

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Are blacks beginning to recognize that Democrats are not their friends… Dennis talks to Andy Puzder, former CEO of CKE Restaurants (Carl's Jr and Hardees). His new book is The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left's Plot to Stop It.

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The economy is so good that even the NY Times has run out of superlatives… Do blacks call themselves African-Americans? Callers have answers.

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Wednesday, Jun 6, 2018

Buried within the Paris Climate Accord is standard Leftist nonsense regarding gender equality, social injustice and other leftist platitudes. This is another reason why we should be grateful the President withdrew… The President should have met with as many Eagles who wanted to come to the White House…

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In between Mother's and Father's Day, Alison explains fundamental differences between men and women.

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Yesterday was primary day in California and seven other states. Gavin Newsom, candidate for governor, encapsulates the leftist view: everything must change… Dennis talks to Charlie Kirk, Founder and President of Turning Point USA and Candace Owens, Director of Communications for Turning Point USA.

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Tuesday, Jun 5, 2018

Do we need God to be moral? Dennis makes his argument. Callers have their thoughts.

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Only ten players from the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles wanted to go to the White House, so the President cancelled the event. Should the President have held the ceremony for those ten?… Dennis talks to Lee Smith, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. The topic is: Who authorized the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign…

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The Miss America contest will no longer feature a swimsuit competition. The contest will have nothing to do with looks anymore. Yet another institution has been ruined by a combination of political correctness, feminism and leftism, which is all really the same thing… Dennis talks to Phelim McAleer, film-maker, playwright and journalist. The topic: Phelim's new play, “The $18 Billion Prize.”

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Monday, Jun 4, 2018

Dennis reviews the Supreme Court decision supporting a baker's right not to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage… Do young evangelicals support Israel?… Does the Left have a sense of humor?… California bans California state workers from traveling to numerous states, now including Oklahoma. If a state doesn't tow the leftist CA line, government workers can't go.

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Google's motto used to be “Don't Do Evil.” It should be now be “Don't Fight Evil.” Google says it won't do work for the US military… Dennis talks to Conrad Black, former newspaper publisher. His new book is Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other

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The Supreme Court rules in favor of the Denver baker who refused for religious religion to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage. It's important to note that the baker is happy to serve gay customers. His objection was participating in an event that was against his religious convictions… Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor and senior editor at National Review. Who authorized the investigation into the Trump campaign?

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