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Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018

Thou shalt not commit adultery is in the 10 Commandments, but should all adultery be judged the same the way? And maybe it's not our business.

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The threat posed by Iran to Israel and West continues to grow. Does the Administration have a plan to combat it?… A college professor lectures on the evils of whiteness and how it must be purged from college campuses… Dennis returns to the President naming a new Secretary of State.

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Rex Tillerson is out as Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo is moving over from CIA to State. The new head of the CIA, Gina Haspel, is the first woman to head that organization. Think the President will get credit for that?… Hillary disparages half the American electorate at an event in India… Dennis talks to Keyvan Farmanfarmaian, PragerFORCE member at Westminster School, United Kingdom… Dennis is debating two Leftist students at Berkeley tonight.

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Monday, Mar 12, 2018

Dennis talks to Michael and Felice Friedson, Founders and editors of the, a Middle East News Service based in Jerusalem… The President has spent a time and effort to help union workers. Will they support him?… Why should we care about Stormy Daniels? It's a private matter; and it happened a decade before he ran for President.

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An English grocery chain is selling greeting cards for Mother's Day without mentioning mom… Dennis talks to Christina Hoff Sommers, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. She was shouted down at a Portland law school event last week…

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Dennis remains cautious about negotiations with North Korea. But it is amusing to hear all these former Obama officials express disdain for the proposed conference… The President of China has declared himself leader for life. These things rarely work out well… Dennis talks to Natalie Winters, a PragerFORCE student at Harvard-Westlake High School in Southern California.

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Friday, Mar 9, 2018

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: how does one decide which moral laws in the Bible to follow; how do you comfort someone who has suffered a terrible tragedy. Dennis talks to Sarah Warren, a PragerFORCE student at Florida State U.

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There is a big difference between pain and unhappiness. Making the distinction is important to your happiness.

The post Prager 20180309 – 2 Happiness Hour: Pain vs. Unhappiness appeared first on Pragertopia.

The N Korean dictator wants to talk to the President… The Left struggles to give credit where credit is due… Dennis has a “race incident” in a parking lot… Why do we think we can expect reason and wisdom from indoctrinated teenagers?

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Thursday, Mar 8, 2018

Dennis talks to Joel Kotkin, Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University. The topic is California's radical leftist future.

The post Prager 20180308 – 3 Future Left appeared first on Pragertopia.

Hollywood has a new fad. It's called an “inclusion rider.” The idea is to force the film and TV companies to hire actors and crew who reflect the racial make-up of the community. Hire the most talented people you can find? That' so yesterday… The Kerner Report is 50 years old. It sent a destructive message: all the problems facing the black community were due to racism… Yale is looking for social activists… Dennis talks to Melody Meyer, U. of Tennessee, Chattanooga.

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Should parents say “please” to their kids when them asking to do something? Does “please” undermine parental authority? Dennis has his theories. So do callers.

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Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018

The Department of Justice is suing California for not following federal law re: immigration… A Washington Post opinion writer declares that it's time to try socialism; capitalism has failed… Dennis talks to Matt Federis, California State U. – Channel Islands.

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Does a woman want a man who will, to use the Biblical phrase, “rule over” her? Dennis has his theories. Callers do, too.

The post Prager 20180307 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Dominant appeared first on Pragertopia.

The Washington Post writes a long profile on a young man who fantasized about being a mass murderer… We now know that the Orlando “Pulse” terrorist had no idea he was attacking a gay club. His motive was only the usual Islamist grievances… Dennis talks to Candace Owens, director of urban engagement at Turning Point USA. She teaches the newest video at PragerU — Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think.

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Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018

Dennis talks to Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology at Harvard. His new book is Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress.

The post Prager 20180306 – 3 Ultimate Issue Hour: Enlightenment Now appeared first on Pragertopia.

Christina Sommers of the American Enterprise Institute, one of the most thoughtful critics of contemporary feminism, is shouted down at a speech in Portland… N Korea says its willing to abandon its nuclear weapon if its security is guaranteed. Let's see, but if this had happened during the Obama Administration the President would have received a second Nobel… Dennis talks to Alexandra King, a PragerFORCE member at the U. of Tennessee… Leftism is really nihilism.

The post Prager 20180306 – 2 Known Fascist appeared first on Pragertopia.

At least according to Planned Parenthood. They tweeted this out last week. What was their point?… Washington U. publishes its sex issue edition of its student paper, complete with nude students covered in vegetables. Another good use of $50K tuition money… Do we need to know the private lives of politicians?… The post Prager 20180306 – 1 Men Have a Uterus appeared first on Pragertopia.Listen On-Demand - Join Pragertopia

Monday, Mar 5, 2018

Dennis talks to Vinnie Tortorich, health and fitness expert to the stars. His website his Free info there. His book is “Fitness Confidential.” The post Prager 20180305 – 3 Fitness Confidential appeared first on Pragertopia.

Not to 17, but to 16. Anyone for 15? Both the New York Times and Washington Post published op-ed pieces promoting this idea… Is it time for the revolution? A leftist writer says yes in the NY Times. Our society is so sick and diseased, it needs to be destroyed. What should replace it? Who knows? And who cares? Just tear it down.

The post Prager 20180305 – 2 Lower the Voting Age appeared first on Pragertopia.

The Academy Awards took place last night… Has Hollywood turned off half the country with its obvious leftist politics?… Dennis talks Liberty Fuchs, a PragerFORCE student at Santa Monica College… Actress Ashley Judd told a billion people that “intersectionality” is the future.

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Friday, Mar 2, 2018

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: what is the difference between sin and evil; does tragedy lead to empathy; should someone who believes in the traditional definition of marriage go to a same-sex wedding; Dennis talks to Baylor and PragerForce student, Kate Kassal.

The post Prager 20180302 – 3 Open Lines appeared first on Pragertopia.

Dennis has a very intense schedule. He's hardly the only one. Many of us do. So, how do you stay fresh, stay happy and not experience burn out? Dennis has suggestions. So do callers.

The post Prager 20180302 – 2 Happiness Hour: No Burnout appeared first on Pragertopia.

Senator Chuck Schumer complains that the President hasn't appointed enough black and female judges. Like all leftists, his concern is race, gender and class not values… Dennis talks to Andrew Roberts, renown British historian. He teaches the newest PragerU video, Winston Churchill – The Man Who Saved the Free World.

The post Prager 20180302 – 1 Race Thinking appeared first on Pragertopia.

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