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Today’s Show

Sebastian Gorka guest hosts for Dennis.


Why shouldn’t the President be upset that the Russia investigation has dragged on? Has Scientific American become just another Leftist publication? Plus, Sebastian Gorka. And, the Ultimate Issues Hour.

Dennis is live from Melbourne, Australia today where it’s already tomorrow. Why did Sessions fire McCabe? Why is the Left so upset about it? Why are white men “stockpiling” guns? Plus, will “flying rivers” destroy us all? (Al Gore knows).

If students can walk out of school to agitate for gun control, why can’t they walkout of school to protest abortion? Should FBI directors who lie to the FBI be treated the same way as Trump officials who “lie” to the FBI? Plus, The Happiness Hour with Dr. Stephen Marmer.

Is the probable loss in Pittsburgh congressional race a blessing in disguise for complacent Republicans? Has their ever been an attack on a school where teachers are allowed to conceal and carry? Plus, Steven Crowder. And, Nigel Farage.

Does one congressional race mean all that much up or down for Republicans and the President? Why do the Dems now hate the new director of the CIA? Plus, the Male/Female Hour.

Are we ready for the Trump Tax Cuts, Phase 2? Is Evangelical support of the President hypocritical? Is Mueller on a witch hunt, a bug hunt or both? Plus, the Ultimate Issues Hour.

Is the President getting snookered by NoKo? What happens when fake feminists meet a real one? What happens when we have an FDA that really wants to encourage the rapid development of experimental drugs? Plus, can you eat a pint of ice cream every night and not gain weight?

Who gets credit for bringing Kim to the table? Do you care about Stormy Daniels as much as CNN does? How many times can the Left repeat the wage gap lie? Plus, The Happiness Hour.

Do you consider the Administration’s crack down on California a “reign of terror?” Is there such a thing as “separate but equal” for white faculty members? Plus, why hasn’t the expected Iran oil boom happened?


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